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Blood clot in arm: Five changes to your arms that could be symptoms of a blood clot


Blood clots are relatively common, and are caused by various proteins and platelets clumping together. It’s absolutely crucial that you seek immediate medical attention if you think you’ve had a blood clot.

Blood clots need to be treated straight away, as they can be very serious, warned the NHS.

A clot can block up the blood vessels, which makes it difficult to deliver blood around the body.

Most blood clots develop in the legs, but they can also be found in the arms.

Up to 10 percent of all clots develop in the arms – but it can be difficult to know if you’re at risk.

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“Blood clots form when blood cells called platelets and various proteins cause your blood to coagulate into a semisolid mass,” it said.

“Blood clots in the arms are classified as primary or secondary, depending on what caused your blood to clot.

“If you receive a diagnosis of a deep vein clot in your arm, the primary treatment goals will be to stop growth of the clot, relieve your symptoms, and prevent the clot from moving to your lungs or other parts of your body where it can cause damage.

“If these treatments don’t solve the problem or if your clot is very large, your doctor may recommend clot removal.”


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