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Blackford in meltdown – SNP chief orders Boris to immediately cough up £20bn for Scotland


The planned bridge was set to span from Northern Ireland to Scotland, bringing a road link between the two countries. The bridge has now been ruled out on the basis of the forecasted costs and engineering challenges which would come with the building of it.

According to The Telegraph, Sir Peter Hendy deemed the project as not viable at the moment.

A source said that Sir Peter found that the bridge “would be technically very challenging at the moment”.

The source told the paper: “That’s not to say it won’t become viable at some point in the future, but at the moment it would be very, very difficult and expensive.”

The Department for Transport told the BBC: “We don’t comment on speculation.

“The Union Connectivity Review will be published shortly.”

But Ian Blackford, Leader of the Scottish National Party in the House of Commons, was fuming with the decision to cancel these plans.

The Member of Parliament took to Twitter to blast the Government for bringing an end to the plans for this bridge.

Mr Blackford tweeted: “Another broken promise from Westminster.

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“Now let’s get the job done and get independence on the table.

“We can see what’s going on and you surely can too #ScottishIndependence.”

Dick Winchester tweeted: “To be fair Ian this wasn’t really a promise because a promise has to be based on something that’s actually possible.

“This project was never ever going to be possible.

“It was actually a lie and that’s worse than breaking a promise.”

@BootRevolution tweeted: “Glad this one got broken as it would have been a massive waste of money with significant environmental impact.

“Projects like this need to be consigned to the bin if we stand any chance of slowing down global warming.”

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