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Black Lives Matter NY founder Hawk Newsome busted for clash with court officer

Black Lives Matter Greater NY founder Hawk Newsome was busted at Bronx courthouse following a fierce caught-on-camera clash with a court officer he called “a vagina.”

Newsome was in Bronx Criminal Court Tuesday to attend a court hearing for an NYPD narcotics sergeant accused of killing moped operator Eric Duprey by throwing a cooler at the escaping suspect. Newsome got upset by court officers ushering him out of the courthouse lobby along with Duprey’s sobbing sister and a small group of outraged supporters .

“You think I’m scared of you? You must be out of your f—ing mind!” the 6-foot-6 Newsome screamed at a court officer, video of the encounter shows. Newsome was standing just inches from the court officer’s face during the heated exchange,. “You p—y! You see how I’m all up on you? You’re a vagina! A f—ing vagina!”

More than a dozen court officers came up to try to calm the situation, which ended in a brief shoving match, the video shows.

Newsome was taken into custody and given three summonses for disorderly conduct and obstructing governmental administration, officials said.

As court officers ran his name, they learned he had never returned to court to answer summonses he received in Manhattan years earlier.

Before setting him free, court officers took him to an arraignment court room, where the older summonses were quickly adjudicated and vacated, court officials said.

“I’m not going to sit here and say that I wasn’t vocal, I care a lot,” Newsome told CBS News outside the Bronx courthouse, holding the summonses. “Yes, I was vocal. I care a lot. A man was hit in the head with a cooler and killed.”

NYPD officers packed the courtroom in support of Sgt. Erik Duran, who is facing manslaughter charges for chucking the cooler at Duprey as he fled police over a $20 crack sale in the Bronx — a death the city Medical Examiner has ruled a homicide.

Newsome has been calling for justice for Duprey since his death in August, calling Sgt. Duran the “Cooler Killer.”

Attorney General Letitia James filed criminal charges against Duran in January. Besides manslaughter, he’s facing criminally negligent homicide and assault charges.


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