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Bitter SNP furious as Boris launches new elite army in warning to China and Russia


Announcing a new Union Division, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said he wants the army to be at the “heart” of the UK. Two of the battalions will be sent to Africa, one will be deployed to the Middle East and one of the four in the 1,200-strong Ranger Regiment will focus on current conflicts in Eastern Europe.

As part of the overhaul, more units will be placed in Scotland and The First Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland will form part of a new Ranger Regiment.

Mr Wallace outlined believes Future Soldier reforms to the armed forces will lead to “an Army that benefits the whole of our union”.

A senior defence source told Sky News that Mr Wallace had previously said “the size of the army was based not on a figure picked out of the air but on ambition and threat”.

The Ranger Regiment models itself on the Green Beret special forces in the United States, a second-tier special forces unit that complements the first tier Delta Force and Navy Seals.

The move has angered the SNP, with party defence spokesman Stewart McDonald writing on Twitter: “Attempts like this to politicise serving personnel, who choose to go into a career in uniform with a desire to protect, is a sign of how desperate the conservative government has become.

“Soldiers need a real improvement in terms & conditions, not used for political aims.”

Fellow SNP MP Douglas Chapman said Scotland still faces base closures.

Speaking at Westminster he said: “With this statement and the complexity of it, the devil will be in the detail.”

Speaking at Westminster, Mr Wallace said the Army “cannot afford to be slave to sentiment”, as he confirmed the new administrative divisions of infantry will be: the Queen’s Division; the Union Division; the Light Division; and the Guards and Parachute Division.

He said there will be “an increased proportion of the Army based in each of the devolved nations”.

Glencorse Barracks in Edinburgh will be retained, while Kinloss in Moray and Leuchars in Fife will be expanded.

The Ministry of Defence said £355 million investment will “deliver over a £1 billion of economic benefits to Scotland”.

The Rangers’ first missions are expected to begin in early 2022, and their operations will be subject to Parliamentary oversight, Daily Mail reports.

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The new elite force capable of fighting on four separate fronts is a potential warning to China and Russia.

In October, China and Russia conducted their first-ever joint naval patrol in the western Pacific following a combined exercise in the Sea of Japan, highlighting the deepening defence cooperation between America’s preeminent competitors. questionable and even dangerous.

Joint Sea 2021 is an annual combined naval exercise that China and Russia recently conducted.

The Russians contributed an Udaloy-class antisubmarine destroyer, two Steregushchy-class corvettes, two coastal-type minesweepers, a Kilo-class diesel-electric attack submarine, and a missile boat, Defense One reports.

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