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'Bit of stretch!' Harry and Meghan fans convinced Sussexes in line for Nobel Peace prize


Royal journalist Richard Eden tweeted that jubilant fans of the couple – dubbed the Sussex Squad – were messaging him to gloat about the “news”. He wrote: “Prince Harry and Meghan’s cheerleaders are tweeting me – seriously – suggesting that, next, the couple will be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.”

Underneath, account Wakandabrotha4SussexRoyals wrote: “You are really not going to tweet about the (civil rights group) NAACP award?

“So why should someone follow your show if it’s biased and not covering news like this? You know the Nobel Peace is next right? Stay mad.”

Squire Yorke wrote: “If Greta doesn’t get Nobel Peace Prize then it should go to Meghan Duchess of Sussex or Justin Trudeau.”

The comments came as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were honoured by the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).

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“We’re proud to support the NAACP’s work and to also partner with the organisation on the newly created annual NAACP-Archewell Digital Civil Rights Award, which will be bestowed to Dr. Safiya Noble as part of the 53rd NAACP Image Awards.”

NAACP President Derrick Johnson said: “We’re thrilled to present this award to Prince Harry and Meghan,

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who together have heeded the call to social justice and have joined the struggle for equity both in the US and around the world.

“Not only do they continue to lead by example, The Duke and Duchess have also decided to inspire the next generation of activists through the NAACP-Archewell Digital Civil Rights Award, ensuring the support and recognition of generations of civil rights leaders to come.”

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