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Bill Gates makes powerful case for fair access to vaccines globally – 'All in it together'


The billionaire entrepreneur made his remarks during an appearance on the Late Show with Seth Meyers last week. Asked by his host why people should look at vaccinations as a global rather than national issue, Mr Gates replied: “Well, the first reason is that we don’t want other humans to die. And so helping them out is morally important but also we want the world economy to go back to normal.

“It creates jobs here. And we would also like to avoid the disease constantly returning to our country.”

According to projections made by the Gates Foundation in December, the majority of people living in low-and middle-income nations had little chance of accessing Covid-19 vaccines.

Such countries would only be able to cover just 20 percent of their populations at most.

The Microsoft co-founder went on to explain to his TV host that vital sectors of the global economy, such as travel and tourism, could reopen if infection numbers are contained globally.

“If we can actually get it to super low numbers everywhere in the world, or even to zero then tourism, travel – all these things can resume, which is very very important,” he said.

“And so we’re kind of all in it together, because, you know, people travel a lot and we can share these vaccines not just based on who has the most money.”

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In a statement on the Gates Foundation website, Mr Gates stressed that “fair access to vaccines is part of our origin story.”

The US has recorded over 500,000 deaths from Covid, making it the country with the highest number of fatalities in the world.

The software king told Mr Meyers that the US had to learn the lessons from its handling of the health crisis and “do better” next time round.


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