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‘Biggest con in recent times’: Drivers slam E10 fuel over vehicle performance problems


E10 fuel was first introduced at the start of September as the UK’s new standard of unleaded petrol. The petrol is blended with up to 10 percent bioethanol, meaning it releases fewer emissions as a result of the lower petrol content.

Another commenter, LastTango, claimed: “I won’t put E10 fuel in my car.

“Ethanol is highly corrosive and that’s why you must not put it in your lawnmower or other garden machinery because they are not designed to handle that level of corrosion.

“I put higher octane E5 in my car and get better MPG which outways the extra cost when measured against the cost of E10 fuel.” (sic)

In response, alanm99, said: “Hi, I have been mixing mine and it seems to work (and) still getting similar mileage per gallon.

Another commenter, Peniel13, said: “So, E10, another bright idea to fill treasury coffers, emptying customers’ wallets, and requiring new cars to be purchased as it destroys the engine of existing cars.

“So how about an electric car – ah, I forgot, we are facing extortionate electricity costs and blackouts. Anyone for a bicycle?”

However, not everyone has had bad experiences with E10, as user hollieollo said: “I have a 57 plate Corsa.

“My car has run better since the new fuel has come into being.

“I have checked my usage and I have used less as well.”

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