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'Big thank you to our British comrades!' Ukrainian soldier speaks after using weapons


A Ukrainian soldier told CBS News reporters just how grateful he was for the weapons he had received from the UK. NATO countries have been coming together to help Ukrainians since Russian troops crossed into Ukraine just a few weeks ago. The UK has sent a number of top of the range weapons as well as the US. NATO troops have also been training Ukrainian soldiers, and teaching them how to use the equipment.

Although support from the West has been offered to Ukraine, fears of Russia deploying chemical and nuclear weapons are still strong.

Speaking on the possibility of Russia possibly escalating, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda said: “Of course, everybody hopes he will not dare do that, that he will not use weapons of mass destruction nor chemical weapons nor biological weapons nor any form of nuclear weapons.

“Everybody’s hoping this is not going to happen.

“But as we say in Poland, using a little English expression, if he uses any weapon of mass destruction, this will be a game-changer in the whole thing.”

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Former Lieutenant Colonel Grant has been warning that Western weapons could change the outcome of the war, as Russia could begin to fall short.

Mr Grant said: “There will be no compromise on the part of the Russians.

“They will be beaten by the Ukrainians, which is why the missiles are so important.

“Because those are the tools they need to actually do the business.”

Mr Grant added: “I don’t think Russia quite understands the trouble it’s in.

“I think they will double down and become more brutal and more nasty.

“But having said that, the quality of the soldiers is not going to improve on the Russian side.

“Brutality doesn’t make them any better soldiers.

“The more missile weapons that can be given to the Ukrainians the greater the chances that the conflict will be over more quickly.”

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