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Best two-person sleeping bag

Which two-person sleeping bag is best?

Sleeping under the stars is even more enjoyable when you can snuggle up with that special someone. Two-person sleeping bags let you do just that.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a two-person sleeping bag, from the temperature rating to the type of insulation they have. Some models are better suited for cold winter nights, such as the top-rated Teton Sports Tracker Ultralight Double Sleeping Bag, which has a 5-degree Fahrenheit temperature rating, while others are better enjoyed when the mercury isn’t expected to dip quite so much.

What to know before you buy a two-person sleeping bag

Temperature rating

One of the most important details to pay attention to when purchasing a sleeping bag is the temperature rating. This rating is determined by the type and amount of insulation it has, and it gives you an indication of how cold of weather a particular sleeping bag is suitable for. If a sleeping bag doesn’t have any rating in the product details, it is best to assume it is not intended for any weather colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


There are three main types of sleeping bags:

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  • Rectangular sleeping bags: These are the most commonly used type for casual camping. These are the most basic kind and have an opening at the top with a zipper running down one side. They are often best for temperate weather where it isn’t expected to get too cold at night.
  • Semi-rectangular sleeping bags: These have the same main body shape as rectangular models. However, they also feature a hood section that helps to keep your head warm at night. This makes them a bit better for cold climates. Sometimes, the hood section may be removable, so you don’t have to carry the extra material around when you are camping during the warmer months.
  • Mummy sleeping bags have a full hood and are designed to sit close to the body to keep you as warm as possible. They are broader in the shoulder and taper toward the feet. These are generally reserved for cold-weather camping.


The majority of sleeping bags have a polyester exterior because this material is lightweight, durable and water-resistant. The interior may also be made from polyester or have some other type of comfort lining. In addition to the durability of the various polyesters, the biggest difference between sleeping bag materials is the type of insulation they use. Down sleeping bags have a high warmth-to-weight ratio. They are also highly compressible. Synthetic insulations are more water-resistant and more affordable. Unfortunately, they weigh more, which can be an issue if you are hiking a long distance to your campsite.

What to look for in a quality two-person sleeping bag


If camping in cold weather, it may be worthwhile to purchase a two-person sleeping bag with a hood. Depending on the design, these may have a single long, combined hood or separate hoods for each person.

Draft tubes

Draft tubes are insulted pockets that run alongside the zipper to keep cold air from getting in and warm air from getting out.

Draft collar

Draft collars serve the same purposes as draft tubes but for the hood of a sleeping bag. These help to stop heat from escaping and can often be tightened as needed.

Interior stash pocket

Interior stash pockets help keep a flashlight, valuables or anything else you want nearby when sleeping in the wilderness.

Removable liner

Some two-person sleeping bags feature a removable liner. This may be for cleaning purposes, so you can easily toss it in the washing machine without having to wash the whole bag, or it may be for temperature control. On the latter option, you remove the liner for warm-weather camping and reattach it for cold-weather camping.

How much you can expect to spend on a two-person sleeping bag

You can spend anywhere from $40-$400 on a two-person sleeping bag depending on the quality, features and temperature rating.

Two-person sleeping bag FAQ

How do I clean my sleeping bag?

A. Most sleeping bags are machine washable, but they should only be placed in front-loading washers and those without agitators. Before throwing one in the machine, it is best to completely unzip it so you don’t have to worry about something snagging and breaking the zipper. You should also use dedicated cleaning solutions intended for items with down or synthetic insulation, depending upon the type your bag has.

How do I know what temperature rating to buy?

A. It is best to buy a sleeping bag with a temperature rating 10-15 degrees lower than the coldest part of the night where you plan on camping. For example, if you expect the weather to get down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, buy a sleeping bag rated for 15 or 20 degrees to be on the safe side. It is always better to have extra warmth rather than not enough.

What are the best two-person sleeping bags to buy?

Top two-person sleeping bag

Teton Sports Tracker Ultralight Double Sleeping Bag

What you need to know: The Teton Tracker Ultralight offers a low temperature rating in a highly compressible and easily portable sleeping bag.

What you’ll love: It’s equipped with draft tubes at the zippers to keep cold air out, and there is added insulation around the foot box, a place where extra warmth is often needed.

What you should consider: It can’t accommodate people over 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Top two-person sleeping bag for the money

Coleman Tandem 3-in-1 Big and Tall Double Adult Sleeping Bag

What you need to know: The Coleman Tandem is designed for comfort with an extra-fluffy cuff and removable soft and cozy liner that can be used when the weather is chilly.

What you’ll love: It offers plenty of room for large individuals. Also, the zippers are designed not to snag, so you won’t be left struggling to zip or unzip it in the dark while you are groggy.

What you should consider: It’s lacking in insulation compared to some other models and wouldn’t be ideal for temperatures below 50 or 60 degrees.

Worth checking out

Browning Camping Side-by-Side Double Sleeping Bag

What you need to know: If you need something for extreme cold weather camping, the Browning Side-by-Side fits the bill with its 0-degree temperature rating.

What you’ll love: The two panels can be completely unzipped and used as two separate sleeping bags when needed. Both have their own interior stash pocket, too.

What you should consider: It’s heavy, so it may not be a good choice if you are hiking a long distance to your campsite.

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