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Best methods to keep avocados fresh as expert issues safety warning against common hack

An expert has conducted experiments with five avocado storage techniques and shared them with her followers on TikTok in a demonstration video.

Samira Kazan, author of Lebanese Cuisine: The Authentic Cookbook, sought to help people find the best method to maintain their avocados’ vibrant appearance and freshness.

During her research, Kazan found that, while storing avocados in water in a sealed glass container kept them green, it sparked concerns of bacterial growth and the possibility of food poisoning.

For her second hack, Kazan demonstrated using avocado with citrus juice, advising to squeeze lemon or lime onto the cut surface of an avocado, then wrapping it in cling film before refrigerating.

“I 100% like this one, after a few days it maintained its green colour too,” she said.

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Hack number three was her least favourite, which was storing cut avocado alongside a cut onion in a glass container with a lid.

She pointed out: “This whole thing is wrong definitely wrong, the entire thing smells of onion.”

In her fourth hack, Kazan demonstrated slicing an avocado, removing the skin and pit, and placing the slices in a freezer bag.

“This one can be used in smoothies and other recipes – this is great in my opinion,” she remarked.

Finally, she praised the last hack, which involved freezing pre-made guacamole into ice cubes.

She said: “It maintained the colour, and although it was slightly watery, it wasn’t bad.”

Kazan then asked her followers for feedback on their preferred method and soon they chimed in with their opinions.

One expressed regret upon learning that Kazan didn’t favour the avocado in water technique, stating: “I thought that one was the best!”

Another follower shared their own avocado preservation tip, recommending storing avocado in oil and cling film as their preferred method.


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