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Best inflatable pools to beat the insufferable heat

What are the best kids inflatable pools for summer fun?

Now that school’s out (or will be soon), it’s time to relax and enjoy summer. Cooling off is likely the first step in your relaxation journey. Setting up an inflatable pool is an effortless way to beat the heat and savor the fleeting days of family time without leaving your house. So, if you want to treat your kids to some summer fun, here are the best inflatable pools.

What to consider when choosing an inflatable pool


Arguably the most important feature to consider when choosing an inflatable pool is the size. For instance, a modest kiddie pool isn’t big enough to entertain elementary-aged kids. Smaller inflatable pools for toddlers generally measure about 48 inches in diameter. Options that can accommodate more people go up to 100 inches across. Be sure to take into account the ages of your children, how many children you need to fit in a pool and the pool’s recommended age.

Additional features

Many pools come with additional features, whether you have younger children who enjoy sprinklers or adults who want a seat and headrest. Some extras include a slide, sprinkler, basketball hoop, volleyball net and other games. When considering additional features, first decide whether you want a pool mainly for relaxing or for playing.

Ease of use

Bigger pools with extra features require more time and effort to set up and deflate. You may even need an electric air pump or air compressor to inflate them. Oftentimes, features such as an overhead sprinkler or backrests require separate inflation. Keep in mind it’s best to let a deflated pool dry entirely before putting it away to avoid mold and bacteria. Larger options will take longer to dry.

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Inflatable pool benefits

  • Affordable: Inflatable pools are highly affordable compared to rigid or aboveground swimming pools. Of course, they aren’t as deep and aren’t made for lap swimming, but they are perfect for a hot day.
  • Sets up quickly: Depending on the size of your inflatable pool, most inflate and fill with water in about 30 minutes. An air compressor saves even more time for larger pools.
  • No chemicals: Unlike swimming pools with large amounts of water, inflatable pools don’t require chemicals.
  • Portability: One of the best parts of an inflatable pool is portability. You can use it at home, in the park, on the beach, or on vacation. Plus, you can set it up when you want to use it and take it down when you’re done or if you need extra space.

Best inflatable pools for kids

Under $30

Intex Summer Sunset Glow Kiddie Pool

This affordable inflatable pool is the ideal size and quick to set up for preschool-aged children. Kids will love the bright, colorful rings of the pool, which stand 12 inches tall when completely blown up. Since it’s constructed with durable vinyl, it’s perfect for rambunctious toddlers. It measures about 57 inches across.

Big Summer Three Rings Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Those looking for a simple and affordable option will love this inflatable pool featuring a soft bubble bottom. With a drain located on the underside of the pool, it’s never been easier to put away an inflatable pool.

Splashin’kids 3-in-1 Inflatable Sprinkler Pool

Cool down on hot days with this pool and sprinkler in one. After effortlessly inflating the pool, attach a garden hose to start the sprinkler, which sprays from the outer ring and the cute frog’s mouth. It’s constructed with heavy-duty, BPA-free PVC, so you can be sure your kids are safe and won’t tear the material.

Under $60

Intex Pool Snorkel Fun Swim Centre Pool

With a 151-gallon capacity and measuring 103 by 63 inches, this pool accommodates several kids at once. It holds up to 12 inches deep of water and comes with a repair patch to conveniently fix any holes or tears. Plus, it features two air chambers that have a double valve intake and a free-flow exhaust valve to keep the air in.

Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

This inflatable pool measures 48 inches across and includes a sun shade to protect your kids from the hot summer days. A drain plug on the bottom makes it easy to remove the water, and the included repair patch will stop any leaks. It has a capacity of 74 gallons with a 9.5-inch depth.

Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool

With a bench and backrest perfect for relaxing and a 169-gallon capacity, this pool is ideal for the entire family. The dimensions are 90 inches by 86 inches, and it has a depth of 30 inches. For convenience and durability, it features a drain plug, repair patch and two air chambers.

Under $90

Members Mark Elegant Family Pool

If you’re looking for a pool the entire family can enjoy, you’ll love this one. It’s 10 feet long and features two inflatable seats and backrests for relaxation. For quick and convenient inflation and deflation, it has a 2-in-1 valve. Plus, since it’s constructed with puncture-resistant PVC, you can let kids play as hard as they want without worry.

Prices listed reflect time and date of publication and are subject to change.

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