Home Travel Benidorm: Express readers slam 'feral' Britons for 'destroying' Spanish resort

Benidorm: Express readers slam 'feral' Britons for 'destroying' Spanish resort


Benidorm holidays are well known for offering up the hallowed trio of sun, sea and sangria – just the tonic many British tourists are after. Indeed, hordes of Britons flocked to the resort in Spain every year in pre-pandemic days. Not everyone loves the hotspot though.

Some Express readers didn’t hold back in their criticism of Brits abroad.

“Benidorm is nice enough… until the tattooed British Strongbow guzzlers turn up on Ryanair flights with their feral rug rats!” one penned.

Others agreed, writing: “Unfortunately British people have destroyed this once beautiful place.”

A third commented: “It is the very drunk, badly behaved, swearing Brits that cause the negativity in Benidorm. Obese and tattooed ruffians with women that are just as bad.”


However, the same reader pointed out that all of Benidorm should not be tarred with the same brush.

Some areas of the town are very pleasant indeed, they said.

“Avoid the ‘British’ areas of the town. I shall not mention the good parts (that we always frequent) that are virtually devoid of my awful British compatriots – we do not want them ruined by an influx of these awful Brits,” they wrote.

“Yes there are Brits in the good parts – but they know how to behave. Benidorm is still one of our favourite destinations – since 1965 when we first visited!”

Another reader concurred, commenting: “Benidorm attracts a certain type of holidaymaker – it’s far too British for me but you only have to travel a short distance for a more Spanish experience.”

Despite the criticisms of some, it would seem, as a whole, Express readers are fans of the resort.

A poll showed the majority appreciate what Benidorm has to offer.

Fifty-eight percent of Express readers said they liked the town and would go on holiday there.

Meanwhile, forty-two percent said it didn’t appeal to them at all.

Britons looking to move abroad permanently also favour Spain as a new home.

Recent research showed the country was the number one country to emigrate to among Britons, according to home removal brand Shift’s 2021 Emigration Lust List.


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