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Benches clear as Mets’ Jeff McNeil takes exception to Rhys Hoskins’ hard slide

On a day the Mets honored Bud Harrelson, a hard slide into second base caused benches to clear.

Rhys Hoskins’ attempt to break up a seventh-inning double play on Friday ended with the Brewers first baseman rolling up on second baseman Jeff McNeil’s left leg, infuriating the latter and prompting both dugouts and bullpens to empty.

McNeil got up after the collision and shouted and pointed at Hoskins, continuing to yell as second base umpire Jonathan Parra intervened. No punches were thrown, nor was anyone ejected.

The Mets lost their challenge attempt when an umpire review determined Hoskins did not commit a slide rule violation. The tense play resulted in a force out in the Mets’ 3-1 loss to the Brewers.

Adding to the spectacle was that hours earlier, the Mets recognized the late Harrelson, who famously brawled with Pete Rose in Game 3 of the 1973 NLCS after Rose delivered a hard slide into second base.

That benches-clearing tussle remains a lasting image in Mets history, so much so that Harrelson’s daughter, Kimberly Harrelson-Psarras, referenced the moment during a pregame press conference at Citi Field.

“I remember him being banged up,” Harrelson-Psarras said. “He didn’t really talk about it. I can remember him being very calm and somber about it, but you definitely could tell he was in a scuffle.”

Harrelson died in January at age 79 after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease. The former infielder’s grandchildren threw out the ceremonial first pitches during Friday’s Opening Day festivities, while the Mets also debuted the Harrelson jersey patches they’ll wear all season.


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