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Behind Her Eyes: Plot twist ending was foreshadowed in huge clue fans missed


Based on the hit novel by the same title, Behind Her Eyes is still holding the top spot on Netflix’s Top 10 even a week after it was released. The six-part series has left viewers shocked after they reached the massive surprise reveal at the end. But while some praised the phenomenal finale, others weren’t so convinced by the left-field twist really worked. 

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Behind Her Eyes.

However, another group of watchers think they were able to predict where the story was going all along, thanks to a collection of clues they spotted throughout the show. 

For those who haven’t watched the streamer’s newest phenomenon, the show follows single mother and divorcee Louise (played by Simona Brown) who meets and hits it off with David (Tom Bateman) at a bar the night before he starts a new job as a psychiatrist where she works. 

After being taken aback by the fact that David is married to the beautiful Adele (Eve Hewson), the two still start an affair while simultaneously the two women strike up a friendship. 

When Adele finds out that Louise struggles with night terrors, she giver her a journal that used to belong to her friend Rob (Robert Aramayo) who she met decades prior when they were in an institution. 

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Through the journal, Louise learns about Adele’s past as well as how to lucid dream, or consciously control her dreams and travel into whatever scenario she wants. 

Going through the journal though, she discovers that the same technique can be used to astral-project, or send one’s consciousness somewhere else.

It was actually Adele who taught Rob how to do that, which is how Louise finds out that Adele has been spying on her and David and that the meeting wasn’t a chance encounter as she previously thought. 

The final twist reveals that Adele is not actually Adele, as in a flashback viewers are shown how Rob managed to put his own soul into her body because he was jealous of her life with David and wanted to live their happy romance. 

Most revealing though is arguably when Adele gives Louise the journal, she says that she also suffered from night terrors before, while in early flashbacks, the series shows it was Rob who had that. 

All the flashbacks are also from Rob’s perspective, which would make sense after Louise received the journal, but even before that, they were seen from Rob’s point of view. 

Additionally, when Adele goes to buy drugs, she asks for heroin, which was Rob’s drug of choice. 

While the show might lack some tension on a second rewatch, fans might enjoy going back to spot even more clues. 

In the original novel by Sarah Pinborough, the events unfold a bit differently, which make the reveal even more shocking. 

For example, Rob’s homosexuality isn’t revealed until much later, making his attraction towards David a bigger mystery. 

Also in the book, Adele’s passion for the gym and her plan to have Louise join her there were all a scheme to have her new body be in a healthier shape once they switched bodies. 

Either way, Behind Her Eyes, remains one of the most enticing stories to ever hit the page and screen. 

Behind Her Eyes is available to stream on Netflix. 


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