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Beauty influencer's tip to ‘look younger with grey hair’ and create a 'more youthful look'

An influencer has shared her unique tip for looking younger by embracing grey hair rather than dying it to create a “more youthful look”.

The YouTube channel “Katie Goes Platinum” is dedicated to helping women embrace their beautiful silver strands.

Going grey is a natural part of ageing, but it doesn’t mean looking older too. In fact, with Katie’s tips, you can look stylish and young with grey or silver hair.

One of her main tips for looking younger with grey hair is to find a great stylist who embraces grey hair and doesn’t make you feel bad about going grey.

According to Katie, a great haircut is essential for women with grey hair, but there’s no one-size-fits-all style.

She reassured women that going grey doesn’t limit their options, and they “do not have to adhere to a certain style or a certain look”.

In fact, the “sky’s the limit” – women with grey hair can rock any length or style, whether it’s cropped, short, mid-length, long, curly, straight or wavy.  What’s important is getting regular trims to keep your hair healthy and say goodbye to split ends. 

Speaking on her own journey, Katie claimed that she has “really enjoyed” only having to go to the salon every six to eight weeks for a trim, and only spending 45 minutes in the chair instead of two to three hours.

What’s more, it’s saved her a lot of money, as she now spends around £50, including a tip, for “a great haircut”.

Katie also recommended finding a hairstyle that suits your individual face shape, explaining that she opts for a centre parting and adds lots of layers to her hair for “bounce”, “vitality” and a “more youthful look”.

The influencer added: “Whatever makes you feel good about your hair is what will make you look good and feel youthful with it.”

According to some hair experts, shorter styles are most flattering for mature women as they highlight the bone structure and can disguise signs of thin or brittle strands.

While the grey-hair advocate speaks a lot about appearance, she noted that a good mindset should always be first and foremost, urging women to wear their greys proudly.

Though many ladies fear the switch to grey hair and wish they could turn back time, there’s nothing more youthful than embracing who you are.

There are some negative views about going grey, with people associating it with looking older. However, women can challenge this view by “rocking it with confidence” – “fake it ’til you make it”, as put by Katie.


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