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Beauty expert shares worst lipstick shades for grey hair that are 'completely not right'

Choosing the perfect lipstick shade is based on a few things – namely your hair colour and skin tone.

When these change, it may be time to try a new shade to flatter the cool, neutral or warm hues.

After embracing her grey hair, which has tones of white and silver, beauty expert Nikol Johnson realised she needed to change the shades of her makeup products, especially her lipstick.

While the beauty expert once reached for brown and coral undertones when she had dark brunette hair, Nikol claimed that some shades simply “don’t look good” with her new natural locks.

In a video posted on her YouTube channel, Nikol said: “I just want you to see what it looks like and why I preach so much about popping your skin, giving colour to your skin. This is very important.”

She continued: “Say you don’t do any makeup at all, ladies, and you’re going grey, silver, white, you have to give your face some colour. And I don’t care if it’s pink, if it’s reds, corals… do something because it’s going to really dramatically change your look.”

The mature beauty professional claimed that it’s not just about the look, but doing this will give a boost of confidence to mature women too.

To help those who want to flatter their complexion and hairstyle, the YouTube content creator shared the best pigments to reach for, and those to steer clear of.

One of the first colourways she warned against was warm, bronze and gold tones which clash with cool-toned grey strands.

To demonstrate her point, Nikol applied a lipstick known as buttered rum, a semi-matte liquid formula with a subtle brown hue.

She explained that the yellow, brown and golden tones of the product were “completely not right” for her grey hair or pale skin tone, adding: “That’s why I tend to stay away from golds and browns and bronzes. I used to be able to wear them but not anymore.”

The next shade was a lighter nude shade which erased the natural rouge of the makeup artist’s lips. Nikol claimed that the lipstick gave her “a totally monotone” look that was “not flattering”.

This was because it was “too neutral” and didn’t draw out the best colours in Nikol’s complexion or striking locks.

When it comes to lipstick shades that flatter grey hair, there are a few options, many of which are pink.

The beauty expert applied a product in the tone “desert peak”, which had a pink tone a little darker than Nikol’s bare lips. She said: “I love this colour. I feel like it’s just enough but not going overboard for every day.”

For a more “bold” lip colour, Nikol reached for a slightly darker pink liquid lipstick with a slightly red undertone similar to rhubarb.

Her final recommendation was to try a more bold pink colour with red undertones.

The statement look instantly lifted Nikol’s complexion and brought out the natural shine of her eyes and hair.


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