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Beautiful town in Majorca bans tourists from one activity amid concerns

A beautiful Spanish village popular with British tourists has banned visitors from driving through it – as a row about overtourism continues to engulf the island.

Biniaraix, on Majorca, originally banned non-residents from driving through it during weekends.

However, from Monday, the ban in the village, near Fornalutx, will be in place seven days a week.

The Daily Star reports a new multilingual sign has been put up to warn tourists to stay away.

People living in Biniaraix and the nearby towns of Soller and Fornalutx will still be able to drive through the area without restrictions.

Villagers hope the move will reduce traffic congestion as people use alternative routes rather than pass through.

The nearby town of Soller is now considering its own ban, with Carlos Darder – a councillor for the area – backing the ban in Biniaraix.  

The Majorca Daily Bulletin reports he said many people had already noticed a drop in traffic.

He added: “We cannot sit idly by. We must remind other institutions that their obligation is to know and control the carrying capacity of roads and, if necessary, limit the number of vehicles arriving from outside the island.”

The ban comes as a row about over-tourism continues in Majorca, with some British tourists staying away as a result of the crisis.

In late May thousands of people gathered in Palma, the biggest town on the island, to demonstrate against over-tourism and a housing crisis on the island.

Some shouted at tourists and other foreigners to ‘go home’.

In response, some British tourists have warned that the protesters are “playing with fire” and should “be careful what they wish for”.


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