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Beat the Chasers: Mark Labbett details winning formula 'We have a rule'


Beat the Chasers was back with another episode and this time it kicked off with Malcolm, who had already played his cash builder in the previous episode. ITV viewers were tuning in to find out whether he could beat the quizmasters and take home £100,000. It came down to a nail biting final questions and Mark Labbett unveiled his and his fellow Chasers winning rule when it came to a question about animals. 

Malcolm had gambled £5,000 for £100,000 and five Chasers, with 45 seconds on the clock. 

He got off to a great start answering questions quickly and correctly, but once he stumbled, he passed a few too many times. 

As the clock got closer to zero, host Bradley Walsh asked him: “Malcolm, a dickcissel is a type of which creature?” 

And he replied: “Insect,” which was incorrect as the answer was bird. 

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Those watching at home saw him lose out on a life-changing £100,000 with just four seconds. 

And Jenny Ryan was heard muttering from her seat: “That’s down to one question!” 

“Out,” Bradley remarked and Malcolm added: “Out indeed.” 

“So close, four seconds, one question, that’s all that is,” the presenter said. “Beasty?” 

Gutted for Malcolm. Great effort and what a gamble. #BeatTheChasers,” someone else wrote. 

A third added: “MALCOLM…! Welp, he tried his best… #BeatTheChasers.” 

Gutted for Malcolm. #BeattheChasers,” a tweet read. 

Following Malcolm was Mike and despite being a quizzer, he managed to answer two questions in his cashbuilder. 

The Chasers offered him 42 seconds should he want to take on Shaun Wallace and Mark for his winnings. 

If Mike wanted to level up to three Chasers with Anne Hegerty joining, she wanted 44 seconds but Mike could win £10,000. 

The fourth Chaser was Darragh Ennis and for 46 seconds on the clock, £20,000 was up for grabs. 

As for a full house, Jenny finished off the team and for 50 seconds on the clock, the prize money would be £60,000. 

Mike opted to take on three Chasers and he left with £10,000. 

Beat the Chasers airs tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV. 


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