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'Be PROUD of it!' Britons baffled as Morrisons shoppers go into meltdown over Union Jack


The row erupted when one customer said they found the red, white and blue labels on the supermarket’s range of British produce “quite intimidating”. Some customers even announced their intentions to boycott the chain over the use of the flag on food packaging on everyday items such as milk, eggs, butter and porridge.

But their complaints, reported by Express.co.uk, sparked a fiery backlash from readers.

One furious reader said: “For God’s sake this is Britain and the Union Jack is our British flag.

“Be proud of it and stop complaining.”

Another said: “What would the moaners prefer? The black flag of ISIS on their food?”

Another commented: “Well done Morrisons for supporting buy British and being proud of the Union Flag.

“All supermarkets in the UK should show the Union Jack and if they do not like it, let them shop elsewhere.

“Buy British and be proud it is British.”

Another said: “I like to know I am supporting British farmers when I shop – thank you Morrisons!”

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Another reader said: “We’ve handed back the blue flag with a circle of splodges and regained our pride.

“Now off to do some shopping with that lovely identity all over it.”

And another said: “The Union Flag is the flag of Great Britain.

“Some people need to start looking at where their loyalties lie.

“If you don’t want to promote British goods then leave and do us all a favour.”

And another shopper said: One shopper wrote: “Retaliate. I’m no longer buying anything packaged as such.

“Hurt them through their bank accounts.”

Morrisons has declined to comment on the row.


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