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BBC Weather: Europe faces heavy snowfall within next 24 hours as storm threatens Germany


BBC Weather presenter Susan Powell has warned a major snowstorm threatens to hit northern Europe within the next 24 hours. The meteorologist stated the cold front is likely to drop heavy snow across parts of Denmark and Germany. The weatherwoman went on to warn that “damaging winds” are expected to follow the storm along with heavy rains for the Balkans and Italy. 

Ms Powell told BBC Weather: “Very stormy times ahead for Denmark and northern Germany for the next 24 hours.

“This area of low pressure has deepened as it’s made its way south through the North Sea, it’s now arcing its way eastwards, it will drop heavy snowfall across Denmark and Northern Germany.

“Strong damaging winds following in behind the storm, particularly for the northern coast of Germany.

“The whole system then shunts across towards Poland through Thursday.”

The weatherwoman continued: “It will also bring some heavy snow into southern Sweden.

“Further south we have another low that looks like it’s going to cause problems as well.

“Pushing its way eastward across the Med, heavy rain for Italy and the Balkans.

“We’ll see some snow developing across the Alps through a combination of this low coming up from the south.

Mr Powell explained: “Then we see another area of low pressure coming in to the northwest of Europe.

“That is more likely to be a rain event I think in some areas than snow as it just incorporates a little bit of milder air.

“But as we look further towards the northeast, plenty of wintry weather are heading towards Moscow, out of Poland and the likes of Estonia.

“Then very wet through the centre of the Med.

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