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BBC sees ratings PLUMMET after ‘over the top’ Prince Philip death coverage


The Duke of Edinburgh died on Friday morning aged 99. In response BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Four and a number of the corporation’s radio channels abandoned their usual schedules.

However the move angered some viewers who accused the corporation of “over the top” coverage.

In response the BBC has created a specific form on its website for those who wish to make a complaint.

Figures from the Broadcasters Audience Research Board (BARB) show there was a significant drop in viewing figures on Friday.

This was especially the case for BBC Two which ended up broadcasting the same content as BBC One.

BARB figures indicate the average BBC One viewing figure fell by six percent, to 2.4 million, between 7pm and 11pm compared with usual figures.

Over the same time period the number watching BBC Two crashed by a whopping 64 percent.

The level of coverage provided by the BBC sparked both praise and complaints online.

Former BBC newsreader Simon McCoy tweeted: “BBC1 and BBC2 showing the same thing.

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“To register a complaint without having to complete our webform or provide any details visit this BBC Complaints Page.”

However the corporation was praised by a number of prominent conservative and pro-Brexit commentators.

Leading Brexiteer Darren Grimes commented: “There are many things to grumble at the BBC over.

“Their coverage over these past 24 hours isn’t one of them.”

Former Labour MP and Brexit backer Baroness Hoey added: “As a regular critic of BBC News I must give them full marks for their extended coverage of the death of Prince Philip.

“Beautiful historic pictures and dignified interviews – the BBC at its best.

“Will be so appreciated by all those who love our country and the role of the monarchy.”

Prince Philip’s funeral will take place next Saturday at Windsor Castle.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, which limit funerals to a maximum of 30 people, only close family and aides will attend.

Prince Harry will fly over from California though Meghan, who is heavily pregnant, won’t make the trip following medical advice.


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