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BBC reporter Ros Atkins brilliantly explains farce of 'baffling' EU AstraZeneca farce


BBC’s Ros Atkins highlighted the multiple scientific bodies denouncing the EU member states fears surrounding blood clots and the AstraZeneca vaccine. He noted that France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and a host of smaller nations have now banned the jab. Mr Atkins added that this decision has been dubbed “baffling” by some medical experts.

Mr Atkins said: “You would be forgiven for asking what is going on with the AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe.

“In January, there were better words about delays in its supply and there was an insistence that the EU would act as one on vaccines.

“French President Macron questioned how effective it is for older people while the European regulator cleared it for use.

“Then in February, it became clear that many AstraZeneca doses in the EU were yet to be used.

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“Now in March, some EU countries including France and Germany have acted on their own and suspended its use without waiting for the European regulator.”

The BBC reporter then highlighted criticism these countries have received for this measure.

Mr Atkins said: “That has prompted this senior global health researcher, Dr Michael Head to say ‘The decisions by France, Germany and other countries look baffling’.

“Here is what is happening and here are the reasons some are baffled.”

“Also last week Italy suspended the use of one batch of the AstraZeneca because a soldier had a cardiac arrest.

“It is very rare for a particular batch of a vaccine to be a particular problem.

“There was no evidence of a link between cardiac arrest and the vaccine and AstraZeneca has run its own test and found no issues.

“Now France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Ireland and the Netherlands have fully suspended this vaccine’s use.”


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