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BBC Question Time: 'Huge moral imperative to help India' says audience member


India’s current coronavirus crisis has reached a tragic milestone after passing 18 million cases of the deadly virus, with shocking reports of bodies being “stacked up” inside crematoriums waiting for cremation. The UK announced earlier this week it had sent a relief package to the Covid-ravaged nation, which included 600 key medical supplies such as breathing equipment.

However, according to a member of BBC Question Time’s audience, there is “an argument of self-interest” behind the UK’s humanitarian help.

He said: “I think it’s a little sad that we have to use an argument of self-interest in order to rationalise and justify sending things to India when they’re in such a dire state.

“I really don’t think that argument is particularly helpful. I think there is a huge moral imperative to help India.

“It’s going through incredible pain. You know, sending 600 ventilators or hospital equipment is a drop in the ocean.”

Speaking via video link, the viewer added that help should be sent with the purpose of saving thousands of life instead of doing it to “protect ourselves”.

He said: “I just think it’s a real shame that… we’re trying to convince ourselves as a nation that we have to do this to protect ourselves.

“We actually have to do this to protect thousands upon thousands of people dying every day in India.”

On Thursday, Sky News’ Alex Crawford reported seeing 42 ambulances backed up outside one crematorium in Delhi, and bodies “stacked up” inside waiting for cremation.


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