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BBC QT: 'Has history taught us nothing?' Audience member slams UK intervention in Ukraine


The audience member expressed frustration with the possibility of the UK sending help to Ukraine after Russian forces invaded in the early hours of Thursday morning. She urged the panel to consider past interventions and claimed that “we come away not solving anything”.

Addressing the panel, which included the Minister of State for Europe and North America James Cleverly and Polish MEP Radek Sikorski, the woman said: “I just think, we’ve been here before.”

She questioned: “Has history taught us nothing? This has been going on for years and years and years.

“There are other places in the world [with] wars like this where we have participated and started wars and look how we’ve left those countries.

“Look what we’ve done around the world, Syria, [the] Middle East, [there] are those people that are still going through this and we are doing nothing about that.

“We go in there, we try to help and we come away not solving anything.

“I think we really need to take a hard, strong look at what we are doing, going to the aid of Ukraine and how the situation is going to end.

“There are things that have happened in the past that we still haven’t resolved and this could go on for another 50 years.

“I think we need to wake up and smell the coffee and see what’s happening around the world.”

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There are plans to introduce limits on the amounts of deposits Russian nationals can hold in UK bank accounts.

Russia is also expected to be cut off from the SWIFT global payment system.

Mr Johnson said: “Putin will stand condemned in the eyes of the world and of history.

“He will never be able to cleanse the blood of Ukraine from his hands.”

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