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BBC Newsnight: Chief Constable on violence against women – 'Not about victim blaming'


Speaking on Newsnight, Sara Glen, Deputy Chief Constable of Hampshire Police, said police were seeing increased reports of violence against women. “We absolutely hear the concerns of women,” said Glen. “We see it, we respond to it on a daily basis, we want women to come forward and explain to us what they are experiencing.

The conservation took place after the death of Sarah Everard, 33, who went missing after leaving a friend’s flat last week.

Jess Phillips, Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and safeguarding, compared violence against women to “an epidemic.”

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, Phillips said that violence against women was not a rare crime.

“Since last week, when Sarah first went missing, six women and a little girl have been reported as being killed at the hands of men,” said Phillips.

“For most women, they have had some form of experience that they feel frightened of and the message that they [the Metropolitan Police] should be sending out is not one about what women should or shouldn’t do.

“It is about how serious violence against women and girls is and how it is an epidemic that we have to put far more attention and resource into.”

Ms Glen said the police see the large number of women coming forward as “a badge of honour”, showing the confidence these women have in the police service.

She said: “The reports that we have of women coming forward, reporting to policing what they are experiencing, reporting the harassment, reporting the stalking, we are seeing increased reports.

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“This is about looking at who is targeting women in our society and focusing on them.”


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