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BBC director of news to step down after row over Brexit-bashing journalist


Fran Unsworth is set to leave the corporation after having held the position of BBC’s director for news and current affairs since January 2018.  Her stepping down comes amid internal battles at the BBC over a staff reorganisation and news that Jess Brammar was in the running for the top BBC post.

The rumoured appointment came under scrutiny following previous Brexit-bashing Ms Brammar had conducted on social media, including an instance in a since-deleted tweet where Ms Brammar described Brexit as being like a popular TV comedy drama but “less funny”.

Fran Unsworth is set to step down by the end of January, but no formal retirement plans have been announced as yet.

Her current position involved the overseeing of the national broadcaster’s news and current affairs output.

She is among a small number of senior representatives who sit on the BBC board, the body responsible for setting the overall strategy of the corporation.

She had previously held a number of senior positions at the BBC before this decision was made.

Her retirement plans are likely due to worsening relations with the government as the potential appointment of the Brexit-bashing journalist Jess Brammar came under scrutiny.

Theresa May’s former director of communications has previously warned Ms Unsworth, that she “cannot make this appointment”.

They warned that if appointed, the Government’s “fragile trust in the BBC will be shattered” if she did.

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