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BBC crisis: Britons demand subscription service replace 'ridiculous' licence fee – poll


Viewers now pay £159 for the licence fee after originally forking out an annual £157.50. The black and white licences will also be rising from £53.00 to £53.50 after the prices rose at the start of this month. A recent Government report added the current BBC TV licence fee model is expected to remain until 2038.

But pollsters Redfield and Wilton Strategies asked people how they think the BBC should be funded on April 7.

Out of the 2,000 people who were asked, the results showed 56 percent of respondents said the BBC should be funded by advertising or subscriptions.

Meanwhile, just 27 percent of Britons said the BBC should be funded by the licence fee, while 17 percent of voters said they did not know.

Social media users were quick to respond to the results of the poll as many agreed that taxpayers should not pay the licence fee.

One person wrote: “Absolutely! It is ridiculous that the public are forced to pay for the BBC in 2021.”

Another added the BBC’s future funding could be facing a crisis.

They said: “They are heading one way, and it’s not up.”

A third person also said: “People just don’t want to pay the licence fee.”

However, some people were sceptical about getting rid of the licence fee altogether.

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Mr Davie said: “If current trends continue, we will not feel indispensable enough to all our audience. We must evolve to protect what we cherish.”

A recent report, which was published by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee, also admitted the Government will be forced to rely on the current BBC TV licence fee model until 2038.

This is due to the Government not putting in place the correct broadband infrastructure, which would have allowed other funding mechanisms to be put in place.

A Government spokeswoman added the licence fee would be reviewed before the current charter ends in 2027.

DCMS Committee Chair and Conservative MP Julian Knight said: “It’s clear that the BBC TV licence fee has a limited shelf life in a digital media landscape.

“However, the government has missed the boat to reform it. Instead of coming up with a workable alternative, it has sealed its own fate through a failure to develop a broadband infrastructure that would allow serious consideration of other means to fund the BBC.”

The committee also said it had “explored existing alternatives” to the licence fee.

However, it concluded there were no alternatives that were “sufficiently attractive to justify recommending… not least given the disruption and expense of doing so”.

It added: “On balance, the licence fee remains the preferred option for that period.”

The BBC previously responded that it “welcomed this thorough and detailed report”.

The BBC added in a statement: “We welcome the conclusion that the licence fee is the best way of funding a universal BBC.”

A spokesperson for the BBC told Express.co.uk: “The licence fee is the agreed method of funding until at least 2027 and our audience research shows it is still the most popular. We committed to providing brilliant content to audiences right across the UK.”



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