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BBC Breakfast viewers rage at 'jealous EU' attempts to discredit UK vaccination success


Dr Véronique Trillet-Lenoir told BBC Breakfast that the French Government was seeking reassurance over the safety of the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine as the MEP defended the suspension of the jabs rollout in the EU for “caution and safety.” Her remarks come as numerous European governments announced a temporary ban on the drug after cases of blood clotting raised safety concerns. Ms Trillet-Lenoir comments sparked a furious backlash on social media and Britons questions the “political” motivation behind the vaccine freeze.

The French politician said: “In European countries, we have noted a few cases where the existence of the thrombosis is atypical in its presentation and location.

“This is why caution and safety require that we suspend for a very short time giving the experts the opportunity to go into details on the case report and probably reassure as tomorrow through the voice of EMA.”

The European Medicines Agency is set to publish further guidance regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine but as maintained throughout that the doses benefits outweigh any potential health concerns.

France, Italy and Germany are among 17 EU countries including Ireland, Latvia, Austria, Lithuania, Estonia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Bulgaria to have halted the administration of the drug this week.

Viewers took to social media to vent their dismay at the decision by the European capitals seeing the ban has a further attempt to distract from the EU’s own vaccination programme mismanagement.

One wrote on Twitter: “EU decisions are a clear indication that large organisations are lacking in prompt leadership.

“Reflect on the failings of chain stores who lose touch of individual customer needs and close down.

“Big is not beautiful in these circumstances. Thank goodness the UK has left the EU.”

“Jealous EU out to discredit UK vaccination success – simple as that!” blasted one more.

Elsewhere someone added: “They’ve already had that reassurance from the European Medicines Agency.

“This is a campaign by Europe to undermine the UK vaccination programme.

“We cannot be seen to be successful.”



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