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BBC attacked for ‘hounding’ over 75s for TV licence fee while blowing £15m on hire cars


The corporation has invited suppliers to submit bids for a new vehicle rental contract that will allow employees to book transport for work purposes. The BBC insists its staff can only use hire vehicles when public transport is not feasible.

It is expected the contract, worth up to £15 million, will cover cars, buses and minibuses used to transport production teams during on-location shoots and specialist vehicles for carrying filming equipment.

It comes as the BBC has sparked fury after it scrapped free TV licences for the over 75s.

Campaign group Defund the BBC shared the anger of many people while accusing the corporation of double standards.

It tweeted: “Extraordinary that the BBC is hounding the over 75s and vulnerable simply for watching live TV and yet they can blow £15m on hire cars.”

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One joked: “Saves wasting it on making tv programmes for the snowflake and woke brigade.”

Another said: “They don’t get a penny from me, and haven’t for the past 7 years.”

A third referred to the corporation’s Comic Relief charity appeal and wrote: “It’s us who need relief from these ‘comics’.”

The cash is in addition to a separate BBC arrangement for staff taxis, worth up to £74 million when it was last put out to tender in 2018.

The BBC said that £15 million was the maximum possible spend and represented an annual cost of about £2 million.

It added that it also represented better value for money than the existing contract signed in 2012.

A BBC spokeswoman told the Times: “Our priority is serving all our audiences, which is why 95 percent of our controllable budget is spent on programmes, content and services.

“Vehicle hire enables us to transport staff and production equipment when public transport is not available and we always work to keep costs to a minimum.”


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