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Bathroom cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans suggest product they ‘swear by’ to remove watermarks


Watermarks are a common nuisance in most bathrooms and can make even brand new appliances look worse for wear. Households in hard water areas can suffer the most from water marks. Now, fans of cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch, AKA Sophie Hinchliffe, have revealed what product they “swear by” to remove bathroom watermarks.

Mrs Hinch, who has over four million followers on Instagram, has garnered thousands of dedicated fans who have created their own social media cleaning groups for tips and hacks.

On one such group, a user asked for recommendations on how to get watermarks off their new shower bar.

They said: “Hi, looking for recommendations on how I can get these watermarks off from our new shower bar. Tried Viakal which didn’t work. Many thanks.”

The post was inundated with comments from fellow enthusiasts who immediately questioned the user’s technique.

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One user, who also claimed she was a cleaner, said she also used Viakal.

She said: “I’m a cleaner and use Viakal. I swear by it, I spray it on leave it for 10 minutes then give it a scrub and leave it for another five minutes then rinse off and dry it off and then use a window cloth to buff it up. Never have an issue at all.”

Others responded and said the issue may be that they didn’t leave the product on the taps for long enough.

However, for those who also don’t use Viakal, Mrs Hinch fans had other suggestions.

If you’re not a fan of using harsh chemicals though, some users suggested using natural methods such as vinegar or lemon.

One user said: “Soak a cloth in white vinegar, leave it covered for some time, rinse with water and dry.

“After this, get into the habit of always drying the shower bar etc. after each use.

“It will look like new again. Good luck.”


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