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Banish tea cup and spoon stains ‘in minutes’ with ‘magic’ item that needs no scrubbing

Starting the video by showing the product packaging, Tayla said: “This Astonish product is perfect for your tea-stained cups and spoons.”

She then showed the camera three of her cups and a spoon that was ingrained with tea stains and proceeded to add a tablespoon of the powder to each cup followed by some boiling water.

Minutes later Tayla showed the once stained teaspoon that was now spotless and emptied the cups and the stains had all disappeared.

She then just gave them a rise and went over them with a little washing-up liquid. 

Howard Moss, CEO at Astonish claimed that the product is formulated to work “in minutes” to “banish ingrained stains that dishwashers leave behind, restoring items to like new”.

He added: “No scrubbing is required for an easy clean. Leaves no residue and no smell. Simply add a tablespoon and hot water and leave until cool.”

Very heavy stains might need another soak, but even after two uses, there’ll be no nasty aftertaste.


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