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Banish slugs from garden for good using strange 'vampire trick'

Slugs are the bane of every gardener’s existence, from munching on delicate seedlings to leaving unsightly trails across plant beloved plants, these slimy creatures can quickly wreck havoc on a garden.

However, according to gardening experts at Garden Buildings Direct, there’s a simple kitchen staple that can send slugs running for cover – and it might just surprise you.

As spring brings warmer temperatures and damp conditions, slugs emerge by the dozens, posing a significant challenge for gardeners. 

While chemical slug pellets are a common solution, they often contain harmful chemicals and can be detrimental to the environment. 

Fortunately, there are natural alternatives that are just as effective – if not more so.

Like vampires, slugs detest garlic the smell and taste of garlic, making it an ideal deterrent. 

By blending garlic cloves with water to create a potent solution and spraying it around the garden, gardeners can effectively keep slugs at bay without resorting to harmful chemicals.

“Forget vampires – slugs are equally repelled by the scent of garlic,” explained a gardening expert from Garden Buildings Direct. 

“Spraying garlic solution on plants and around the garden creates a natural barrier that slugs will avoid at all costs.”

Alternatively, gardeners can also turn to mulch, such as wood chips, gravel, or bark, to create barriers that slugs find difficult to cross. 

Petroleum jelly, highly caffeinated coffee beans, and crushed eggshells have been found to have similar repellent effects.

“Eggshells, in particular, make an excellent slug deterrent,” the expert added. “By crushing up eggshells and sprinkling them over vegetable patches and garden plants, gardeners can create a formidable barrier that slugs will struggle to breach.”


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