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Balcony garden ideas: 11 ways to make the most of your balcony



It is possible to have decking on your balcony, but you’ll probably need to use millboard composite.

Rob said: “Millboard composite decking is great to float on the floor, it’s anti-slip and anti-algae, so easy to keep clean.

“It’s not cheap, but it will stand the test of time and also won’t warp in the sun.

“If you’re going for a wooden deck, ensure it’s treated first and keep it clean and maintained to avoid it becoming slippery.

“Don’t be afraid of colour, it’s a great way to add interest and can make space seem much bigger.”

Multi-use items

To really create a feeling of space, it’s all about multi-use items but also working with the length and width of the space.

Rob explained: “If your balcony is long and slim, then opt for a seating area at one end and a planting area at the other to keep the width of the space but utilise the length.

“A double-width seating area allows for a backbench which doubles as storage and an additional bench in front of this to pull out as your table.

“Again, make this extra storage, or even split it into four with a planter on either side and another seat in the middle.”

Permanent seating which acts as storage will maximise the space, according to Rob: “Collapsible tables in bright colours or those which match your interior are a great addition and can easily be stored in the seating benches.”


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