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Baby killer sat playing on his phone 'without a care in the world'


Jonthan Simpson, 25, subjected 22-month-old Jacob Marshall to an horrific ordeal when his mum went to a hairdressers, Liverpool Echo reports. The thug was jailed for life with a minimum of 19 years today after he was found guilty of murder following a trial.

In an emotional victim statement read at Liverpool Crown Court today, Jacob’s grief-stricken mum Emma said: “Jonathan Simpson, who in my eyes is a monster, was just sat there in a chair playing on his phone. There was no sorry, no feelings, no remorse, no facial expressions, there was nothing, it was like he wasn’t bothered about what had happened.

“All I felt was anger, I couldn’t believe that any human being could be so callous to not show any emotion given the seriousness of Jacob’s condition.”

Simpson, who was Ms Marshall’s then boyfriend, offered to mind the toddler but left him with a “catrasophic brain injury” during the hellish ordeal at his home in Speke, Liverpool, on  Friday July 12, 2019.

He claimed Jacob fell off a couch, then suggested the toddler fell down the stairs. However, prosecutors said he banged Jacob’s head on a kitchen floor, inflicting injuries similar to those that would be caused in a “high velocity car crash”.

Ms Marshall, 23, added: “Sat in the hospital for those two days with Jacob knowing there was nothing that they could do to make him better, but hoping for a miracle were the longest two days of my life and I will never forget those days for as long as I live.

“As a family we felt powerless knowing there was nothing we could do and the fact that Jonathan Simpson had now become a suspect and was wanted by the police made it even worse knowing that he could do something to hurt our sweet innocent baby Jacob.”

The mum told how it “broke her heart” to tell Jacob’s older brother Thomas that the tot had been killed.

She said: “I also had to tell my son, Thomas that his little brother Jacob wasn’t coming home. My mum and I told him together. I can’t describe how much it broke my heart having to tell him that he was never going to see Jacob again.

“We told Thomas that Jacob got sick and there was nothing the doctors could do to make him better, but I’m not sure whether he fully understood what that meant as he knew Jacob wasn’t unwell and would ask the reason why he had to go to hospital.

“I wasn’t able to tell him the truth but I know that one day, when he gets older, I am going to have to tell him the devastating truth of what really happened to Jacob and I can’t imagine the effect that this will have on him.”

The decision was made to switch Jacob’s life support machine off Saturday 13th July, 2019, a day Ms Marshall describes the time her “whole world crumbled”.

“When they told me it was time, my whole world crumbled. Words cannot describe how I felt as I held Jacob in my arms waiting for my little boy to slip away.

“I just held him close and watched as his lips and finger tips turned blue,” she said.

But Simpson showed no emotion after he was sentenced today.

The jury reached a unanimous huilty verdict after three hours of and 49 minutes of deliberation.

Sentencing the killer, Andrew Menary, QC, said: “Only you know precisely what you did that afternoon to hurt Jacob in this way and you have chosen, cruelly and cowardly, to keep that a murky secret.

“Instead you have lied and lied again about the cause of Jacob’s death.

“As is typical of people who abuse children like this you have given a variety of accounts – each one untrue – trying to match the medical evidence as it emerges and each one further from the truth.

“Jacob didn’t fall off a sofa and didn’t fall down the stairs.

“The medical evidence makes plain that for some reason and in some way you beat this little boy up.”


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