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BA flight makes emergency landing after woman falls ill and dies on arrival at airport


The flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Uzbekistan after the 83-year-old woman was taken ill. However, she died soon after the flight’s arrival in the capital of Tashkent. 

The flight departed from Islamabad in Pakistan at 00:38 on Wednesday and was scheduled to fly into London Heathrow.

However, the British Airways flight made its emergency landing almost three hours into the flight.

BA flight tracker said: “We’re very sorry, this flight scheduled from Islamabad to London has been diverted to Tashkent.”

Other passengers have now been taken off the plane and are waiting at the Airport terminal.


A Tashkent airport official told Russia’s TASS news agency the passenger had “felt bad and the captain made the decision to make an emergency landing in Tashkent.”

The unnamed official added: “Immediately afterwards the passenger died.

“The airport administration does not yet know when the paperwork required in such cases will be completed and the aircraft will fly to its destination.”


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