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Atlanta cop who killed Lyft driver thought man was recruiting him to ‘gay fraternity’

A former Atlanta police officer who admitted to killing his Lyft driver thought the man was trying to “recruit” him to a “gay fraternity,” authorities said.

Koby Minor, 34, was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday in Union City, in the Atlanta metropolitan area, arrest records show. He’s accused of fatally shooting 35-year-old Reginald Folks, a rideshare driver and professional wrestler described by his wrestling coach as a “role model.”

Minor, who was on unpaid leave following an arrest on drug charges late last year, submitted his resignation to the Atlanta Police Department later on Wednesday.

He was charged with murder and aggravated assault and is being held at the Fulton County Jail.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by local television station WSB, Minor told police he called for a Lyft driver just after midnight on Wednesday.

Folks showed up in his car and Minor reportedly got into his back seat.

While the two were in the car, Folks began chatting with a person through the car’s Bluetooth radio in a language Minor did not understand.

According to the incident report, Minor asked Folks to stop the car, but he refused. He also said he tried to get out of the vehicle at a red light, but the door was locked. He then saw Folks turning around in an attempt to reach the back seat, the document stated.

That’s when Minor shot the victim approximately three times — at least one time in the victim’s head. After that, he broke the car’s window and got out of the car.

According to police, a woman who had stopped her car when she saw the commotion, told authorities Minor told her he thought he was being kidnapped. He also reportedly said Folks was “in a gay fraternity and was trying to recruit” him.

Minor joined the Atlanta Police Department in July 2018. After his December 2023 arrest, he was relieved of his department-issued firearm. “Since that time, the firearm has remained in the custody of the APD,” authorities said.


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