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AstraZeneca jab is 'boost of confidence for the world' as US welcomes 'critical' new doses


America is due to welcome new doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine after a large clinical trial in the US shows found the drug to be 100 percent effective at preventing severe illness and hospitalisation. Discussing the development on the US television network CBS, Doctor David Agus welcomed the Anglo-Swedish jab has ‘critical’ in the worldwide push to eradicate the virus. 

Discussing the AstraZeneca trail on CBS This Morning Dr Agus said: “32,000 people randomised and what it shows is it worked.

“There was no blood clot seen in this study over placebo and there were no neurologic symptoms.

He added: “In Europe now these blood clots turn out not to be related to the vaccine.

“So a lot of talk about this vaccine but finally it is here in the United States, it is already out in doses of countries around the globe.”

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Progress with America’s vaccination rollout comes as the threat of a third wave hangs over several parts of Europe.

Germany is among several European countries which have warned of an “exponential growth” in infections.

In total, 20 EU countries have now reported an increase in positive coronavirus tests.

Out of these 15 countries have said hospital and intensive care admissions have increased


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