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Ashley Banjo accidentally reveals bizarre fetish on Celebrity Gogglebox – did you spot it?


ASHLEY Banjo accidentally revealed he has a bizarre fetish in tonight’s episode of Gogglebox – with him admitting to looking at FEET.

It came as the dancing Diversity star appeared on the Channel 4 show alongside his brother Jordan and his good friend Perry Kiely.

Ashley spoke about the importance of nice feet on Gogglebox
His brother and Perry were left totally baffled by his admission

Ashley, 32, got chatting about the important of looking at a woman’s feet as he, Jordan and Perry sat down to watch Married At First Sight UK.

The trio were baffled by the concept of the E4 reality show – which sees couples get married before getting to meet.

Ashley voiced his confusion over the format: “You don’t know what they sound like, you don’t know what they look like.”

But he took an interesting turn – as he went on to start discussing how you wouldn’t be able to see your partner’s “feet” before marrying them.

“Obviously you can imagine feet is a thing for a lot of people, but in a wedding dress you can’t see their feet,” Ashley continued.

Jordan and Perry were quick to voice their concern over his comments, with Ashley’s brother chipping in: “I’m sorry, what? Feet?”

Perry then shouted out and joked: “He’s got a foot fetish!” as he looked towards the dance troop leader looking disgusted.

Ashley hit back, looking embarrassed: “No I haven’t got a foot fetish! A lot of guys would look and say, ‘ohhh nice feet’. No?”

“Are you telling me you would be with your other halves if their feet were crazy feet?” he went on to ask the pair.

But Jordan and Perry were still confused, with one of them responding: “What are you talking about? You need to shut up, you need to leave.”

Viewers quickly picked up on Ashley’s foot comment and stormed Twitter to laugh about his “foot fetish” admission.

“Ashley trying to dig himself out of the foot fetish hole,” one wrote, as a second agreed: “Cracking me up. He wants perfect feet!”

“FEET? Ashley?” a third simply agreed, as a fourth chimed in: “Ashley from Diversity sharing his foot fetish!”

Celebrity Gogglebox airs Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

Ashley was baffled his brother and friend didn’t look at people’s feet

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