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'Ashamed to be British!' Tourist blasts teens running riot in pretty Spanish seaside town

A tourist has hit back at gangs of terrorising teens running amok in a town popular with British tourists. They said that while on holiday in the town of Xavier in Spain, they had seen British kids racing around on e-scooters and bikes hooting their horns and making locals’ lives a misery.

Taking to Reddit to see if anyone else had noticed the issue they said they were “ashamed to be British” due to the thugs.

They said they were shocked when parents turned up only to berate those living in the town rather than tell them off.

The post read: “On holiday in Spain, walking along the promenade and some youths fly by on some kind of electric bike/scooter hybrid thing, pressing the horn, weaving in and out of people, narrowly missing kids etc.

“Locals going wild about it, trying to stop them. Turns out they are British kids. Finally, the parents arrived and started threatening the locals. Pathetic, makes me ashamed to be British.”

They added that they were surprised there were no police about to deal with them saying they were tempted to take the law into their own hands.

The tourist added: “I did wonder if the police would arrive. I was very tempted to push the little c**** off when they came past me. If I didn’t have my kids with me I would have been even more tempted.”

Those replying to his post were quick to agree that many British tourists could often let the side down.

One reply read: “Worst thing about going abroad? Running into other Brits.

“My favourite are the ones who kick off when there’s no chicken nuggets at the buffet. Try something new, you’re on holiday.”

Another added: “British tourists are a pain in the a** in Spain at the best of times.

“Walk through a city and whenever there’s a gaggle of people blocking the pavement, they’re British. Sauntering along in a cycle lane? British. Loudly complaining about the weather/food/prices/locals? British. Not bothering to learn any Spanish other than ‘dos cervezas’ in an Estuary accent? British.

“It’s embarrassing and not surprising that we’re often disliked in tourist areas.”


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