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Asda to make huge change to all fruit and veg aisles in bid to tackle pollution


The supermarket trialled the removal of plastic bags from its fruit and vegetables aisles in September last year. Taking place in nine stores in northern England, the trial was successful.

Since 2019, Asda has removed 9,000 tonnes of plastic and is hopes to remove three billion pieces of plastic from its own-brand products by 2025.

Asda’s Director of Produce, Dominic Edwards, said: “We know that our customers and colleagues are really passionate about doing the right thing for the environment and this move is just another way we are helping them make sustainable choices, without compromising on the quality of our produce.

“Following some really positive feedback on our trial, we’re excited to roll out the removal of the plastic bags across all our stores, as we continue to work towards our plastic reduction targets as a business.”

‘Veggio’ bags will replace plastic bags in fruit and veg aisles in all UK Asda stores.

Tesco is another store that is passionate about environmentally-friendly initiatives.

The supermarket is rolling out a new recycling service into its stores for soft plastic packaging like crisp packets, pet food pouches, and bread bags.

It expects to collect and recycle 1,000 tonnes a year – the equivalent of 150 million standard loaf bags – with the new service.

Soft plastic is not commonly collected by local councils and often thrown away, adding to landfill, therefore Tesco will launch recycling points in 171 stores across south-west England and Wales.

It later plans to introduce the recycling points in every store across the UK.

In other Asda news, the supermarket has made a permanent change to its delivery drivers’ uniforms.

Delivery drivers now have the option to permanently wear a badge with the words ‘Happy to Chat’ on it.

As part of an initiative by the supermarket to tackle UK loneliness during the pandemic, the badge lets customers know that a delivery driver is willing to have a chat with them while they deliver their groceries.

Speaking about the company’s delivery drivers, Asda’s Vice President of Online Grocery, said: “We’re incredibly proud of all the work they do – and this badge is a symbol of their continued friendly and approachable service which can make such a difference to those that don’t have much contact with others.”


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