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Asda shoppers infuriated as supermarket sells crop tops for children as young as 7


The new collection includes matching skirts and crop tops that start from ages 7-10, which has left a lot of customers unimpressed. The selection of crop tops start at ages 7-8 and are available online and in store for £8 each.

Several people have taken their frustration at the new collection to Twitter.

One said: “Gone to get madam some clothes in Asda and every t-shirt is a cropped one! Why!!”

Another wrote: “What is it with the girl’s crop tops in the likes of Asda like my daughter utterly hates them but for some reason, 11-year-old girls are expected to want to wear them.

“Like HELLO some young girls find this uncomfortable. Cater to both worlds.”

A third stated: “Went to Asda last night to buy my five-year-old a plain white long sleeved top. None anywhere.

“There was however LOADS of cropped tops, bikinis etc.”

Replying to one of the tweets, an Asda spokesperson said: “Sorry to hear your daughter is not a fan… We do have lots of other style tops available for her.”

Not all shoppers were outraged by the new George items, as some took to social media to express their praise for them.

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A representative from Asda said: “We offer a wide range of styles and choices that our customers love and this outfit is part of our new Summer collection.

“The range is proving to be very popular with customers as the weather improves.”


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