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Asda shoppers desperate to get their hands on £1.50 Cookies & Cream spread


Asda’s new Double Dreamy Cookies & Cream flavour spread is priced at £1.50 and some shoppers claim it’s a ‘must have’ product. The Facebook page Newfooduk shared a photo of the Cookies & Cream spread online. Thousands of Asda shoppers were quick to share their opinion about the product.

The post read: “New Cookies & Cream Spread! This spread is so good – it tastes like Milkybar chocolate, combined with Oreo pieces! Now available at Asda for £1.50!

So far, the Facebook post has been shared 2.4k times and received 4.7k comments.  

The image was also shared on the newfoodsuk Instagram account and received over 8000 likes. 

One Facebook user said: “How yummy does this look?”

Another added: “I must have this!”

A third responded: “£1.50 of heaven”.

A fourth joked: “It says ‘spread’ on the jar but I assume the only acceptable way to eat this is with a large spoon?” 

Another commented: “I need someone to ship this to me in USA lol” 

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Whilst a third made a serious point: “As much as id love to try it my diabetes says nooooooo”

Asda sell a variety of spreads including duo chocolate and hazelnut chocolate spread.  

For those feeling slightly more adventurous they also sell a raspberry flavour unicorn spread costing £1.50. 

Whilst some customers have loved the unicorn spread calling it ‘delicious on toast’ others have complained about it’s smell.

Asda stores continue to be open as an essential shop you can also order products online. You can find your nearest Asda store here.


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