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Asda recalls kids' Bolognese due to presence of rubber – plus list of extended UK recalls


A food recall is issued by a supermarket or a brand if they have found that a product is not safe to eat. The Food Standards Agency has announced a number of food recalls this week, including one from Asda.

The notices explain to customers why these products are being recalled, as well as telling them what to do if they have bought them.

In a statement, Asda described both products and warned customers against consuming the foods.

It said: “Please bring it [the product] back to your nearest store where you will be given a full refund.

“You do not need your receipt.”

It is an extended recall on a range of SFC products because Salmonella has been found in some of the foods.

The SFC products being recalled are: Crispy Dippers, Crispy Dippers (Halal), Southern Fried Chicken Strips, Southern Fried Chicken Strips (Halal), Mega Box, Southern Fried Chicken Burgers, Chicken Poppets, Chicken Poppets (Halal), Take-Home Boneless Box, Take-Home Boneless Bucket, Take-Home Boneless Box (Halal), and Chicken Nuggets.

An additional product has been added to the food recall since last time: Little Hill Farm Chicken Breast Fillets.

All batch codes are affected with best before dates up to and including June 30, 2022.

Both the SFC Take-Home Boneless Bucket and SFC Chicken Poppets are sold in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons.

These supermarkets are asking customers to return the chicken products to stores for a full refund.


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