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Argos shoppers offered another new Sky TV rival at a ludicrously low price

A new way to watch TV recently launched in the UK with it offering Sky TV-style features without the usual monthly subscription fees. Matching Sky Q, Freely offers full access to live and on-demand content without the need for an aerial or dish drilled into the chimney. It’s even possible to pause live TV and get recommendations of things to watch. Just like Sky’s internet-connected Glass screen, Freely also comes built into TVs which means there’s no need for a separate set-top box or additional dongles.

At launch, there were only a limited number of screens, made by Hinsense, available to buy but that’s starting to change. Argos has now updated its online store to include more Freely screens and they start at a very reasonable price.

In fact, you can pop the new Bush 43-inch TV in your online shopping basket for just £229.99. This TV gets that Freely access built-in along with a 4K display, 50Hz refresh rate and a Dolby Atmos sound system.


If that display feels a bit small then there are more models available including a 50-inch for £269.99 and a 55-inch for £299.99.

For those wanting to go fully supersized, there’s even a 65-inch LED Bush telly which will set you back just £379.99.

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All you then need to tune into live and on demand telly is a broadband connection. Freely includes a full 7-day guide, neat MiniGuide and the option to view things after they have aired via catch-up players.

Of course, Freely won’t let you watch premium content such as Sky Sports or Sky Cinema and it doesn’t have features such as personalisation, the ability to store content to watch at a later date or integration with other streaming platforms.

If you want all of those features, you’ll need to switch over to Sky Glass.

If that sounds enticing, Sky is currently running a promotion which has reduced this streaming TV to just £37 per month.

That’s for the 43-inch model which also comes with its own sound bar tucked under the 4K display, full voice search and a backlit remote control.

This deal, which Sky says saves over £120, comes with all of Sky’s Entertainment channels and access to Netflix as well. If you want a better package the Sky is also offering Glass with Sports and 4K streaming for £46 per month – that’s a saving of £6 off the usual price.

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