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Are you smarter than Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? flop Harry Redknapp – take our surprisingly tricky £1k question quiz


ARE you smarter than a football manager?

It might not be that hard.

Harry Redknapp was stumped by his fifth question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? which would have given him the safety net of £1,000

Harry Redknapp walks away from tonight’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire celebrity special empty handed.

The ex-West Ham manager, 74, was stumped by his fifth question, which would have given him the safety net of £1,000.

But a film-themed poser saw him leave without a penny.

So could you do better?

Try our quiz of real £1,000 questions from the show.

Answers below.

1) Which iconic 1980s WWF wrestler was known for his yellow and red outfits and bleached blond handlebar moustache?

A) Big Daddy
B) The Undertaker
C) Hulk Hogan
D) Giant Haystacks

2) Which dance craze involves swinging your arms left and right around your torso in the opposite direction to your hips?

A) Voguing
B) The moonwalk
C) Flossing
D) The robot

3) Richard of York gave battle in vain” is a sentence used to help remember the order of which of these things?

A) Planets in the solar system
B) Colours of the ­rainbow
C) Books of the Old Testament
D) Wives of Henry VIII

4) Which of these comedians was famously born in ­Bolton?

A) Rhod Gilbert
B) Peter Kay
C) Brendan O’Carroll
D) Frankie Boyle

5) What name is given to the traditional British steamed or boiled suet pudding containing raisins and currants?

A) Lemon meringue pie
B) Spotted dick
C) Eton mess
D) Bakewell tart

6) In the UK, which of these routinely begins on April 6?

A) Football season
B) Tax year
C) Academic year
D) Parliamentary ­session

7) Denzel Washington won a Best Actor Oscar for his performance in which film?

A) Training Day
B) Groundhog Day
C) Independence Day
D) Die Another Day

8) Which British ­tourist attraction is located near St Austell in Cornwall?

A) Hadrian’s Wall
B) Conwy Castle
C) Eden Project
D) Stonehenge

9) A “tog rating” is given to which of these household items?

A) Refrigerator
B) Saucepan
C) Suitcase
D) Duvet

10) When referring to a toilet, what do the letters WC stand for?

A) Wash Cupboard
B) Waste Chamber
C) Walled Cabinet
D) Water Closet

11) Which TV series set in the early 20th Century followed the lives of the Crawley family and their ­servants?

A) Call The Midwife
B) Downton Abbey
C) Mr Selfridge
D) Poldark

12) In the Back To The Future films, Marty McFly time travels in what type of car?

A) Ford Escort
B) Vauxhall Viva
C) Talbot Sunbeam
D) DeLorean DMC-12


1) C. 2) C. 3) B. 4) B. 5) B. 6) B. 7) A. 8) C. 9) D. 10) D. 11) B. 12) D.


A film-themed poser saw Harry leave the show without a penny[/caption]

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