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Are there ‘criminal plants' in your garden? It's an offence to have any of these 9 plants


Curled dock

Known as a flexible weed, the curled dock plant will outcompete most native species.

Curled dock and broad-leaved dock are both covered by the Weeds Act, 1959.

Japanese knotweed

This invasive plant can grow almost anywhere, causing significant issues to homeowners once it spreads throughout the garden.

Japanese knotweed can take years to eradicate completely and can cost upwards of £10,000 to be professionally removed.

Rhododendron ponticum

Though the small purple flowers may be deceiving, this widespread, tall plant is considered problematic for several reasons.

Not only can it grow to a considerable height, but it will block sunlight for competing plants while doing so.

Eradication costs the UK millions every year, and is no easy feat to get rid of for good.

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