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Are Married At First Sight UK’s Tayah Victoria and Adam Aveling having a baby?


TAYAH and Adam have made no secret of the fact that they’ve been talking about having children – and some fans think they might have already made those plans a reality.

In a teaser released on September 28, 2021 Tayah is seen mysteriously telling her co-stars “we are expecting.”

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Tayah has made no secret of her desire to have children in the near future

Are Tayah Victoria and Adam Aveling having a baby?

Tayah and Adam may be keen to start a family, but it doesn’t look like they’re ready to jump into parenthood just yet.

Despite the tantalizing preview, the episode on September 29, 2021 revealed that Tayah was referring to a puppy, not a baby.

Tayah told her co-stars at the dinner party that she had an announcement, before saying, “we are expecting.”

She left a lengthy pause – leaving the other contestants and judges in suspense – before clarifying “a puppy!”.

What have Married At First Sight UK fans said?

Fans were shocked and reacted with disbelief after the preview.

One fan on twitter wrote: “There’s no way Tayah’s pregnant and the show ain’t even ended (sic)”.

Another said they were hoping for baby news soon, writing, “Hope Tayah is pregnant when they come out of hiding” whilst another fan added that “Tayah and Adam are really in love. I hope it stays that way and grows!”

Others, however, were less supportive.

Some Married At First Sight UK fans don’t think Adam and Tayah will last

One user suggested that they wouldn’t last and that Tayah was too focused on her baby plans: “The problem with Adam and Tayah is… Adam would have settled for any nice woman… and well Tayah just wants a man who can give her a baby!”

There’s still a week left of the explosive show – and we won’t find out the ultimate fate of Tayah and Adam’s relationship until the very end.

The Married At First Sight UK finale is set to air at 9pm on E4 on October 5, 2021.

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