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Antiques Roadshow expert stuns viewers as he reveals HUGE worth of rare Rolex ‘left in drawer for 30 years’


AN ANTIQUES Roadshow expert stunned viewers after revealing the HUGE worth of a rare Rolex “left in a drawer for 30 years”.

Watch fanatic Richard Price was tasked with evaluating the timepiece, which had been brought to the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.


Richard was left stunned by the rare timepiece[/caption]


The Rolex was bought in the 1980s for just over £400[/caption]

Richard was left stunned to see the watch – made for professional divers – brought in by its proud owner after years of hiding it away.

“Whenever I see a Rolex of this type I have to ask you, are you a professional diver?” the expert asked the male guest.

Confirming he wasn’t, the man explained that the diver’s watch was recommended to him by his late brother-in-law before he passed away.

“I was aware that Rolexes made the best watches and my brother-in-law had a Submariner – he said if you’re going to buy one, buy the Sea-Dweller,” the guest went on.



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The expert replied: “This particular one is all described in your original invoice so you bought it new, January 1982. And this is the iconic 1665.

“You mentioned Submariner and initially it had in red writing Sea-Dweller and Submariner on the dial. This one is the last in the series of what collectors refer to as the great white.”

The expert detailed how the rare watch had white writing on the inside of the watch instead of red – like more modern watches.

“Have you ever had it cleaned and overhauled by anybody or is this pretty much the original condition?” Richard then asked.

It was then the guest made the shocking admission that the watch had been “lying in a drawer for 30 years”.

Richard went on to reveal that the watch had been bought for a lump sum of £403 at the time of sale – with the guest getting a £30 discount.

“People are asking silly money for them but I reckon for you a mid-market price of £18,000 to £20,000 would be fair,” Richard revealed. 

The owner was too stunned to reply, as Richard continued: “Do you know what I’d do if I was you? I’d take off that Quartz that you’re wearing and wear this for a little bit.”

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“I might do, that’s amazing. I’m absolutely staggered,” he responded.

Antiques Roadshow continues on BBC One on Sunday at 7pm

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