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Antiques Roadshow expert spots something 'completely wrong' with £5000 Cartier watch


Antiques Roadshow star John has always credited his most memorable find being that of a Cartier watch and was delighted to see a similar one make its way to Stonor Park. The BBC show guest wanted to get his wife’s beloved watch valued and the jewellery expert was more than willing to help. However, although his interest was piqued, the expert couldn’t help but point out it wasn’t a complete original from Cartier.

“Well, this is an absolutely charming little bracelet watch and I have to be honest with you, it reminds me of the very first piece of jewellery that I ever recorded on a Roadshow nearly 30 years ago,” John began.

“And it was a Cartier wristwatch. You’ve brought along a beautiful Cartier wristwatch – now what’s your story with it and where has it come from?”

The guest replied: “It’s my wife’s watch. She inherited it from a great aunt who we believe got it back in the 1930s.

“She wears it once a year, basically,” he continued before the expert asked: “And does she like it and do you like it?”

“She loves it. I like it because it’s different from anything you would see these days,” the owner of the watch commented.

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Delving into the analysis, John explained to the guest: “This is so delicate and very much it’s of the time it was made.

“You say 1930 but I wonder if it might have been made around the 1920s.

“There is the signature on the dial, on this silver dial with these pretty-shaped numerals going around in a platinum case

“Look at the diamond chips because they’re very subtle, very small and they’re not very sparkly. It’s just because they’re so small really.”

“Finally, when we look at the marks on the back, did you happen to notice that mark there? That’s a little French platinum mark.

“So, the watch head we’re assuming is Cartier. That strap though is not right,” the expert confirmed to the guest.

Beginning the valuation, John said the fact it wasn’t an original meant there was going to be “an impact on the price”.

“Cartier is one of those names that everyone looks for. In the world of jewellery, if anything is by Cartier, it makes a good price,” the expert said.

“Having said that, there’s a little bit of wear and so I’m going to take that into account,” John told the guest.

“I think if I were putting it into auction, my opinion is about £4,000 to £5,000 for it,” he revealed of how much he thought it would cost.

“It’s good to see it,” John concluded as the guest thanked him for giving his take on the prestigious piece of jewellery.

Antiques Roadshow is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.


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