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Antiques Road Trip expert gobsmacked as tiny vase sells for six times its estimation


In a recent episode of Antiques Road Trip, Steven Moore and Natasha Raskin was visiting the Scottish Borders. When they delved into the depths of one antique shop, Steven came out with several good items, but he was shocked when a Venetian vase made by Fratelli Tosa went to auction and exceeded profit expectations. The small vase was bought for £45.10 and sold for a whopping £300. 

Searching around the store, Steven’s eye was caught: “This is a nice vase, it’s glass, made in Venice on Murano I think it’s by Fratelli Tosa – Tosa brothers, in other words.” 

The Antiques Road Trip narrator added: “One of the most famous glassmakers in Murano, Fratelli Tosa was founded in 1854. Renowned for their exquisite creations, this could be a real find.” 

“This is really incredible work,” the expert continued. “It’s called Floreale. Dates to 1900-1910. 

“£79.90, of course, everything in something-90 in this shop, but 90 is the right sort of 90.

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“I’m tempted with that because it’s so… am I going too heavy on ceramics and glass? It’s going to go in the pile.” 

When Steven spoke to shop owner Raj, he was eager to strike a deal for the three items he had his eye on. 

Included in the mix was the twin bell terret and plume at £19.90 and the Fratelli Tosa vase at £79.90. 

“I’m definitely going to take that. I think that’s quite cute,” Steven commented on the twin bell terret and plume. 

“I’ll do that for you for £50,” Raj remarked and Steven continued: “£50, okay. And what about the umbrella stand?” 

The auctioneer began: “And we’ve got already at £25, £30, we’ve got three bidders at £45. £45 now. At £45. £50.” 

“Oh! Profit! It’s flying,” Natasha commented and the auctioneer continued: “At £95, £100.” 

Steven exclaimed: “Oh, £95!” 

But the price was increasing: “Just incredible!” The auctioneer said. “£110, £120, £120 now. There’s lots of people thinking… £140. Do you want to come in? £150, £160, £170, £180, £190, £200.

“At £200, this work of at £220, £240, £260. 

“At £260? £280, they’re back in. At £280. Do you want to go £300?” 

“Yes, you do!” Steven joked watching on a iPad. 

“£300, I am bid,” the auctioneer commented and Natasha wondered: “Does he have £300? He does!” 

“It has £300. And i’m going to sell it to the internet bidder at £300. Nobody else in the room, at £300 now, and I’m selling it at £300. Sold,” and the auctioneers hammer went down. 

Natasha said: “Take a bow – have a dance! Do whatever you want! That’s amazing!” 

“Oh, I’m exhausted,” Steven remarked. “£300! In an antiques shop, you don’t know what you’re going to find at the back of some cupboard.” 

Antiques Road Trip airs weekdays on BBC Two. 


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